About me

My name is Martin, I’m 21 (time flies!) and I’m from Slovakia.

At 17 John Vanhara (Founder & former CEO of Shipito, #1 Logistics Company in 2011 Inc 5000 that was later acquired) has taken me on to help him with the other company he owned at the time – IncParadise. I honestly can’t imagine how would the rest of my story look like without this experience that opened my eyes in so many ways and helped me to understand so much – thanks John!

When I was 18 I’ve started a marketing company in the US – I even had to miss a few days at school to go open a bank account in New York. It turned out it’s not that easy to build a marketing company in the US remotely while you’re so young and have no idea what you’re doing, so I shut it down a few months later.

At that time I was also working on marketing at Planet Express from day 1, currently possibly the fastest growing package forwarding company in the US.

In 2018 I was part of John’s Pizzoun – the idea was to build a worldwide smart-casual restaurant franchise. Unfortunately, the unexpected circumstance didn’t allow a partner who was meant to be a cornerstone to come, so John decided to close it early – click here if you’d like to read the full story. 

That year I’ve also co-founded Kaktus App in Slovakia – sharing economy app connecting travelers and locals. 3 months after the app launch I’ve decided to leave for various reasons, but I’ve still learned a lot while we were building it, so in overall it was a good experience and it allowed me to explore the sharing economy from detail. If you’ll be checking it out, please note that whatever you find on the website (for example the new slogan), in the app, or on social media is already out of my hands.

In early 2020 I’ve almost become an importer, but coronavirus said no.

For the time being, I’m helping guys from Athletic Interest, the biggest sports business channel on YouTube.