Getting your product featured on Product Hunt

Before submitting our app I was looking for some tips on how to get a product featured on Product Hunt – the only thing I found was that it helps to have someone well-known in the PH community to hunt it.

It looked pretty clear to me that there won’t be any useful tricks available, so I just submitted the app and left. When I came back in a few hours, I’ve seen the notice that it’s going to be featured the next day.

I was shocked because it gained absolutely no traction before being chosen. It looks like PH people go through every submitted product that day and if you’ve made something really good, they’ll notice.

We even got a very nice comment – 

But as it turned out, being featured doesn’t help that much unless people LOVE (and upvote!) your product – we got only 45 upvotes and ended up almost last among featured products that day.

I don’t remember and don’t have access to the specific numbers PH helped to generate anymore, I just know that they were pretty disappointing – just a few tens of website visits, few tens of App Store views and few downloads.

The bottom line? Don’t look for ways to play the system, just create something great. And if you get featured, don’t get too excited yet because what really matters are the upvotes.

[Please note that I’m longer with Kaktus App – you can read more about this in my bio]