My Stories

Looking back

I was recently looking at my work in all of the projects I was a part of and it’s crazy to see how stupid I was. Some of them were a year or even a few months ago and I just can’t understand what I was thinking back then.

Even though I very modestly (just kidding) admit I’ve done some, or even a lot of things right, there were some bad decisions made or things done poorly/not done at all.

I know it means I’ve moved forward since I see my actions in past this way, but it’s still pretty terrifying – especially when I consider that in a few months I will probably see my current self in this exact way, too.

It’d be beneficial to look back on our lives/work more often so we can realize our mistakes faster & make sure not to do them again. Unfortunately, some of them have to be seen from a perspective only more time can offer.

As we learn and grow we would gradually disagree with a lot that we’ve done in the past, but it takes this looking back to fully realize what those things are.